Ladder Damascus (Billet 20002)

Have you ever thought about buying Damascus online, then hesitate, wondering what may arrive in the post!!! – Then worry no more.

Vlakvark Damascus is British Made from European Steel and comes with full after sales backup from the Clarke Knives team.


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Ref: 20002

Size 240 x 40 x 3.5 mm

About Vlakvark Damascus

Vlakvark Damascus (say Flakfarrk) is only available from Clarke Knives. It is made from European steel at our Vlakvark Forge in Wiltshire, England and comes with the full backup of the Clarke Knives team.

We sell stock billets as listed in this shop. Knife making billets are normally 3-4 mm thick, 30 - 50 mm wide and in random lengths. They come in a variety of patterns.

Bladesmithing billets are intended for re-forging and are of a random pattern only. They are 120 layer parallel pattern which will give a random pattern once re-forged. They are normally 7-10 mm thick, 25-40 mm wide and in random lengths.