San Mai & Laminated Damascus

Experience Unparalleled Quality with Clarke Knives San Mai

Discover the Clarke Knives Difference

Clarke Knives San Mai stands out from the rest – it’s unique, it’s exceptional.

Our San Mai knives feature an O1 Tool Steel core, paired with either mild steel or Damascus cladding. The Damascus-clad varieties boast a striking Nickel or Copper stripe, adding to their visual allure.

Why O1 Tool Steel?

We choose O1 for the core of our San Mai knives, especially designed for chef’s and kitchen knives. Here’s why:

  • Similar to 1095 Carbon Content: O1 offers excellent edge retention and sharpening properties, comparable to 1095.
  • Enhanced Alloying Elements: Chromium, Vanadium, and Tungsten present in O1 combine with carbon to form superhard carbides, significantly improving edge retention.

Embrace Spectacular Design

Our San Mai knives with Damascus cladding are truly remarkable. Take, for instance, the exquisite 10″ Chef’s knife crafted by Tom Foster at Smoking Knives. Clad with 30-layer Lamilar Damascus and adorned with a Nickel stripe (Ni Mai Lamilar), it’s a testament to our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Additionally, explore the Ni Mai Random variation, featuring 150-layer Random Pattern Damascus for a unique aesthetic.

Both variations are also available with a Copper Stripe (Cu Mai Lamilar and Cu Mai Random), ensuring there’s an option to suit every taste.