Pattern Welded Damascus

Clarke Knives Pattern Welded steel – that we quite unashamedly call Damascus – is made in our Vlakvark Forge in rural Wiltshire, England from finest quality European 1095 & 15N20 steel. 

We make a variety of patterns in various layer counts:


150 layer cut on both faces and reforged flat to reveal a LADDER pattern


Single bar twist can be 15, 60 or 150 layer Damascus twisted and re-forged flat to show a regular twist pattern. Max width 50mm

Multibar twist is 60 layer bars twisted in both left and right hand directions and re-forged together to give a Herringbone pattern. Max width 70mm


Drilled patterns are 150 layer Damascus into which shallow holes have been drilled with just the tip of a large diameter drill. When the billet is re-forged flat each “hole” produces a ring pattern that resembles raindrops (random drilling pattern) or a bed of roses (ordered drilling pattern)

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