Make A Fully Usable Knife

I cannot recommend this course highly enough to anyone who is looking to try something different or is interested in smithing or knives.

A really relaxed environment and incredibly hands on from the start. Graham was a great tutor… demonstrated (on his own piece, not yours), then perfectly guided our small group. Never interfering or taking over, always encouraging and only getting involved if things were going wrong. Once corrected it was straight back to you again.

Everything was there – small group (so lots of attention), plenty of tools (so never waiting) and no pressure (so you could work at your own pace)… even the lunch was great!. I’ve never done anything like this before, but was totally delighted (and proud) with the knife I walked away with. For the cost, quality of the course and my final knife this is by a distance the best craft course I have done – thank you Graham

Kerry Partridge – March 2018

Only £165 – including lunch and refreshments

The course is open to all. Children between the ages of 13 and 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Children aged 10-12 must be accompanied by an adult helper. They will work together as a pair (at the cost for 1 person) to make 1 knife. Unfortunately experience has shown us that children younger than 10 will not have the strength to forge or the size to work safely on our grinders.

Knife Expert Graham Clarke will guide you in a small group where you can work at your own pace.

Feel the pride of walking away with a knife you have made yourself!

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Steps to making a fully usable knife

You will:

  • Shape your blade from a rectangular block of steel using a gas forge, hammer and anvil. Graham will explain and demonstrate each step of the process and will then guide you to do the same.
  • Normalise your blade in the gas forge to restore the metal properties lost during the forging process
  • Grind your blade to near finished shape on both vertical and horizontal belt grinders
  • Heat treat – harden – your blade by quenching it red hot into oil (but without the fiery theatricals often seen on television!!!)
  • Finish grind and sharpen your blade until it will slice paper edgewise
  • Completed knife will have an “as forged” handle


September – October 2019

Saturday 14th September – Full
Sunday 15th September – Full
Saturday 21st September – Full
Saturday 28th September – Full
Saturday 5th October – Only 1 place available
Saturday 19th October – Only 1 place available
Sunday 20th October – Full

Saturday 26th October – Only 3 places available
Sunday 27th October – Only 3 places available

November – December 2019

Saturday 2nd November – Places available
Sunday 3rd November – Full
Saturday 23rd November – Full
Sunday 24th November – Places available
Saturday 30th November – Places available
Sunday 1st December – Only 2 places available

Saturday 7th December – Places available
Sunday 8th December – Only 2 places available
Sunday 29th December – Places available
Monday 30th December – Places available

January 2020

Thursday 2nd January – Places available
Friday 3rd January – Places available
Saturday 4th January – Only 2 places available
Sunday 5th January – Places available
Saturday 11th January – Only 3 places available
Sunday 12th January – Places available
Saturday 18th January – Places available
Sunday 19th January – Places available
Saturday 25th January – Places available
Sunday 26th January – Places available

February 2020

Saturday 1st February – Places available
Sunday 2nd February – Places available
Saturday 8th February – Places available
Sunday 9th February – Places available
Saturday 15th February – Places available
Sunday 16th February – Places available
Saturday 22nd February – Places available
Sunday 23rd February – Places available

March 2020

Saturday 7th March – Places available
Sunday 8th March – Places available
Saturday 14th March – Places available
Sunday 15th March – Places available
Saturday 21st March – Places available
Sunday 22nd March – Places available
Saturday 28th March – Places available
Sunday 29th March – Places available