About Clarke Knives Heat Treatment Services

Graham Clarke - Blade Heat Treatment

Born just after the end of WWII, I grew up in a family of self-taught engineers, and my Grandfather first whetted my interest in metal when he showed me how to re-harden the tip of a screwdriver using a paraffin blowlamp and old motor car engine oil.

At Salford University in the late 60’s & early 70’s, I read Metallurgical Engineering and then spent most of my working life providing heat treatment services to the engineering industry. I’ve worked on the manufacture of guns, shells, tanks, and rockets for the British Armed Forces, diamond drilling bits for the oil industry, and processing equipment for nuclear fuels. I also ran my own Heat Treatment Company in South Africa for many years, serving mainly the mining and automotive industries.

I have long been associated with knife making & bladesmithing and, in particular, with the metallurgy of knife making. Being a metallurgist, it’s easy for me to determine which material and what properties are ideal for a knife and to use a Heat Treatment Process that gives optimum results.

I design, build, and maintain my own Heat Treatment furnaces and equipment in order to offer a service to a professional standard to which I add the personal touch that only a fellow knifemaker/bladesmith can add.