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Clarke Knives is a 3 generation forge and Bladesmithing Experience Venue in Wiltshire, England

Graham’s interest in metal was first whetted over 60 years ago as a 12 year old boy whilst helping his Grandad, Fred Polley, in his shed. Fred was born during the reign of Queen Victoria.  From Essex farming stock, he was poorly educated but, as was typical of boys growing up in that era, he had vast practical crafting skills that were passed down from one generation to another.  Graham was convinced that his Grandad was a magician when, fixing his lawnmower, the tip of his screwdriver bent.  He whacked it with a big hammer, heated it with his paraffin blowlamp and dunked it into some old engine oil to re-hardened the tip. And the screwdriver then worked perfectly! From that day Graham new what he wanted to be when he grew up!

Graham (75) is a Metallurgist who helped manufacture guns, shells, tanks and rockets for the British Armed Forces. David (41), ex British Army. is now an IT expert. Decklan (18) is studying to be a plumber..  He joined the team just before his 12th birthday and is now a fully fledged member of the tutoring team.

The Experience Venue opened in 2017 in rural Wiltshire  and courses were created to give a  Forged in Fire feel. Hundreds of our students have taken home a knife or axe which they can be proud of and truly say “I made it myself”.

Bladesmithing & Axe Making Experiences

Our Experience Days (weekends only) enable you to craft your own knife or axe using ancient blacksmithing techniques. No previous knowledge is required and experiences are available for 10 year olds upwards.

Bladesmithing & Axe Making Experiences

Blade Heat Treatment Services

Clarke Knives Heat Treatment Services are second to none. We use all of our 50+ Yrs of experience in Industrial heat treatment to treat your blades to the highest standard

Blade Heat Treatment Services
Raindrop Damascus

Damascus & San Mai Billets

Our Damascus is made from the finest European steels in our family owned forge in Wiltshire, England,

We combine ancient and modern techniques to create beautiful patterns.

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