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Clarke Knives

Damascus & Heat Treatment

Vlakvark Forge

Bladesmithing Courses

Chef's & Kitchen

A range of Chef’s knives designed to perform in the most demanding kitchens


Hunting knives designed and developed to meet the demands of my clients

Experience Days & Tuition

Learn knife-making and bladesmithing with us over 1 or 2 days.


Bushcraft knives built for starting fires, building shelters and splitting (batoning) logs

Folding Knives

I’m currently developing a range of folding knives

Utility Knives

Utility Knives that have multiple uses or do not fit comfortably into other categories

Handmade Custom Knives

At Clarke Knives it was always our passion is to fulfil your desire to own a knife of the highest standard but not necessarily at the very highest cost.

However, when the Covid Pandemic struck in 2020 we lost our main source of income which was running our Bladesmithing Experience Days and Weekends. We therefore started a few side hustles in order to survive. There were 5 of these but 3 did not gain traction. The remaining 2, however, did and these have become so large now that I personally do not have enough time to make knives anymore. Running the Clarke Knives Heat Treatment Service and manufacturing Damascus Billets for knifemakers alongside re-starting our Bladesmithing Experiences has become a full time occupation.

Clarke Knives is now a 3 generation family business and as we grow I’m hopeful that I, or my Son 0r Grandson will be able to start making knives again in the not too distant future.

in the meantime, I’m leaving the Knives section on this website for posterity.

Graham Clarke – February 2022


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Multi-layer Damascus colour etched

Always click on the pictures for more detail of the Damascus or San Mai you'd like