Chef's & Kitchen

A range of Chef’s knives designed to perform in the most demanding kitchens


Hunting knives designed and developed to meet the demands of my clients

Experience Days & Tuition

Learn knife-making and bladesmithing with us over 1 or 2 days.


Bushcraft knives built for starting fires, building shelters and splitting (batoning) logs

Folding Knives

I’m currently developing a range of folding knives

Utility Knives

Utility Knives that have multiple uses or do not fit comfortably into other categories

Handmade Custom Knives

At Graham Clarke Knives our passion is to fulfill your desire to own a knife of the highest standard but not necessarily at the very highest cost. We make several standard ranges in different categories, culinary, hunting, utility etc but will be equally happy to make a Custom Knife to meet your own desires and requirements.

Our knives tend to be different from many others available today in that we fit African Gemstone Handles to Stainless Steel blades. They look different, they feel different. They simply are different.

What is common to all our knives though is quality. As a metallurgist of 40 years standing, Graham understands the two essential elements that make a good knife – blade material choice and blade heat treatment. These elements will, when properly applied, ensure that your knife looks good, stays sharp and will serve you (and the generations that follow) well. Read our ‘about us’ page for more detail.


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